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The Vici

Their world is a harsh barren world on the surface, but below the surface is a world filled with cave systems and liquid oceans. There are many life forms, most of which are blind. There is one ocean on the surface that connects to the under water systems. There lives a large carnivore species that has increadible night vision. It also has a speacil eye lid that comes down when its in the lighter surface ocean to protect its more sensitive night vision eyes. As the Vici evolved technologicly, as did their understanding of their sensitive eyes. Based on the eyes of the creature they call "Blacklight" They developed rudimentury eye protection. This allowed them to venture to the surface were they flurished in the open space, with no preditor species to keep their numbers down. This began their age of expansition and a time of great technilogical achievment. Because of the vicis increadible nightvision, space became their new playground. After a million years of space travel, their bodys evolved. Slowly their limps became smaller and their heads became bullbus, knowledge was their weapon. Anti gravity tech and eventually telecanesis made limbs useless and eventually time and evoltion saw them loose their legs and arms. The Vici now have mechanical hands they control with their minds to use for mundan tasks. Most Vici enjoy using them as it reminds them of their biological past, a time almost forgotten.

There is a small group of Vici that broke off from their brothers a million years ago and stayed underground. They still have their limbs and remain largely untouched but evolution, as they remained in their sub surface enviroment. This small pocket of an ancient civilisation are religious fanatics and consider technology to be heresy to the great water gods. They have attacked the Vici several times in the past few thosand years as their blind faith became more intense. The last attack, which was a brutal attack on civilions at a marina in the Vici capital resulted in a large scale culling of their religious cousins. Their have been a hand full of cullings since the attacks started. The Vici council forbit any kind of genocide, ruling their genetic ancesters a valuable scentific asset, as they have been using their genes to reverse a genetic default that has plagued Vici offspring for thousands of years. Vici offspring rarly come to term, as such, the Vici believe they are a dieing race.