So I havnt been at much art work the last few weeks. There's a reason. Studying. To the max! I hit a 120 hour tesol course on teaching English. I've actually kind of enjoyed it. I scored A's on every test and walked away with a tesol certificate to reach English. Happy days. Back to the art worl. Been working on my website a bit more. Adding to the stories and generally getting it looking a bit better for your enjoyment. Peace ooot! X

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Ive been working on a detailed version of a Vici from the verse. Probably do a side top view in case I want to make him up in 3DS Max sometime.

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So I decided to do some real world modeling with some clay. Bought some air dry stuff which turned out to be not so great. The leg cracked and fell of the next day when I was working with it. So I went and bought some proper clay and started again.

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